The resumption of the capture campaigns of European mink on the Charente river upstream of Angoulême has been successful! The LIFE VISON teams have indeed captured two new individuals.

First telemetric tracking of a young male and an adult female

The October catching campaign between Marsac and Montignac-Charente allowed to detect and equip with transmitters two unmarked individuals: a young male, Gwenn, born in spring, and an adult female, Mellea, having already successfully bred.

Their daily follow-up during 5 to 6 months will allow to complete the data already collected on the male mink Badu followed on the same sector from March to September 2020 (see newsletter n°2), and to compare these three individuals between them: size and location of home ranges, spatial and temporal mobility, types of daytime caches used according to the seasons, and for the female, behavior during gestation and at the time of calving.

Relâché du Vison d’Europe “Mellea” – © Romain Beaubert / LPO / LIFE VISON


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