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Areas of intervention

The LIFE VISON programme is located in the Charente River catchment. It is a priority and strategic territory for the conservation of the European mink since no American mink population is established in this area.

The project is being developed within 8 “Natura 2000” sites in the Charente and Charente-Maritime departments.

Carte des 8 sites Natura 2000 constituant le périmètre d’action du programme Life Vison

Areas of intervention

LIFE Vison

The European mink

It is a carnivorous mammal belonging to the Mustelidae family. It is classified as “critically endangered” according to IUCN’s Red List of threatened species.

Beneficiary coordinator

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Partenaires financiers

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LIFE VISON Project Coordinator

Ingrid Marchand

Phone :

+33 5 46 82 12 45


LPO – Les Fonderies Royales
8-10 rue du Docteur Pujos
CS 90263 – 17305 Rochefort – France

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