The habitat restoration of the Anglade marsh began in August as planned in the LIFE VISON programme.

Restoration of habitats favourable to the European mink

The Anglade marsh is 90 ha of wetlands characterized by a varied flora and fauna favourable to the European mink. This marsh, regularly flooded, was abandoned for 50 years resulting in an overgrown area where the trees & high growth had shut out the light.
In order to conserve a mosaic of different habitats favourable to the European mink, 6 ha will be restored in the Anglade marsh from August 2018.

2018 objective: restoration of 4 ha

The first step of this restoration consists in the removal of the dense vegetation, because it decreases the remarkable biodiversity and the number of prey for the European mink. This work has been carried out manually and with light tractors by the SIE Vals de Saintonge team since August 6th. Because some parts of the marsh are too dense to be cleared with a light tractor, a 0.5 ha plot has been grazed by goats as a test.

Anglade swamp (© F.Garcia)


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