On August 22th, a European mink, a critically endangered species, was observed crossing a path in a plot belonging to the LPO (Birdlife France) in the Rochefort marshes.

The European mink is definitely present in the Rochefort marshes

The trapping session conducted in March 2018 in the LPO properties was a success since it reported the highest population density of European mink in France (6 individuals micro-chipped and released in 10 days of trapping session in the Rochefort marshes). On August 22, a European mink was spotted in the same marsh. It stopped for a few instants on a path allowing the LPO team to take a photo.

How to recognize a European mink?

It has a slender and supple body, short legs and little ears not prominent. Its upper and lower lips are white.

Vison d'Europe dans les marais de Rochefort

European mink (© F.Pailler)


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