MARCH 2020
A new European mink, called Roumia, was captured and tagged in the Rochefort marshes on Monday 24 February.

Roumia joins the list of European mink marked under the LIFE VISON program

A male European Mink, named Roumia by our teams, was caught for the first time in late February. In good health and weighing 850g, Roumia was immediately released with a chip to allow his identification during potential recaptures.


New capture campaigns scheduled for March

Capture campaigns are planned throughout March in the Rochefort marshes and in the Charente valley upstream of Angoulême. Goals ? Continue to characterize the sectors of populations already known (number and sex of individuals, etc.), and capture at least one female per sector, in order to equip it with a transmitter and follow it by telemetry during the reproduction period. The data collected will be essential to protect the breeding sites.



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