New sights of European mink were recorded in the Rochefort marshes and upstream of Angoulême using indirect detection equipment.

A successful device with bait in natural lands owned by the LPO within Rochefort marshes

For several months, an innovative device of indirect detection has been tested on some sites of the LIFE area. A bait consisting of fish oil is installed near a photo trap. By analysing the photos, the LIFE VISON teams were able to discover several shots of European mink!

Footprints and a photo of European mink, this time in Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente

The fingerprint tunnels deployed in January on the Charente upstream of Angoulême revealed the occurrence of European mink 15 km downstream from the data recorded in Varsin December. Two tunnels separated by 3 km were used, including one on two occasions, on which the installation of a photo trap made it possible to take a visitor snapshot.

vison d'Europe

An Otter and a Genet near the tunnel were also filmed.


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